AI Meditations Personalized For You

Mindfuly is an mindfulness app that records a morning meditation everyday just for you with your name in it.

Mindfuly will design your meditation to empower you and boost your confidence for the day ahead.

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Start your day A meditation designed for you, every morning at 8:00 AM. It's personal, not generic Each meditation has your name. Hear your name. Feel the difference.
Narrators that resonate From accents to tones, choose the voice that speaks to you.
Charlotte 🇸🇪 Matthew 🇬🇧
Emily 🇺🇸 Thomas 🇺🇸
Nicole 🇺🇸 Mimi 🇸🇪
Enabling mindfulness globally Meditations in English 🇬🇧, Deutsch 🇩🇪, Español 🇪🇸, Français 🇫🇷, Português 🇵🇹, and हिन्दी 🇮🇳
Meditation library Past daily meditations are ready whenever you need a moment of clarity Scientific mindfulness Every meditation is rooted in scientifically validated research.
Mindfuly – Daily AI Meditations Available on iOS & Android
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